We stand proudly united as one. Our goal is to protect our planet. Together, we’re part of something larger and extraordinary. The future of our planet depends on all of us acting now. With our combined efforts, we can prevent our planet on the verge of extinction from disappearing forever.


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Nature can be fully saved through love from people

There is no doubt that our natural environment is under threat. We are starting to see the effects of climate change. Many land and ocean ecosystems and some of the services they provide have already changed due to global warming. Right now, a pollution and extinction crisis threatens our living world. Climate damage and habitat destruction are two of the biggest challenges we face on our planet. But together, we can, we must, we will solve this. We push for bold solutions because the problems we face are big and urgent. We use evidence-based advocacy, courage, creativity, and common sense to make this country a better place. We change the story and build people the power to fix the systems.


We pray for things to get better but we shall not stop in troubled times thankful to all from depth of my heart for the love support & encouragement.

  • Confirmed: 2,086,864
  • Deaths: 42,578
  • Recovered: 1,427,669

We are in a climate and extinction crisis. It’s time for action.It’s time for courage and action – and a whole movement of people, coordinated, passionate, pushing forward together, all over india.

So happy to be a part of this marvelous campaign TB hargna desh jeetenga. Great efforts by MCGM along with Bhamla Foundation in curating this phenomenal campaign.

Amitabh BachchanIndian Film Actor

Bhamla Foundation has thrived to do some genuine on ground work with regards to environment and health was a pleasure to be a part of its global campaigns with Moefcc, United Nations & MCGM.

Akshay KumarIndian Film Actor

I'd like to congratulate Asif Bhamla foundation for all the contribution. They have now working rigorously for the last 23 years your efforts are applauded by all of us. I hope you continue to do this wonderful job and your foundation is really been appreciated by all of us. It's time for us to give back to Mother Nature.

Sachin TendulkarIndian Cricketer
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