Our Foundation Began With A Small Cultural Outfit By The Name I Love Bandra In The Year 1998 From The Auspicious Hands Of Shri. Pranab Mukherjee.

Initially The Foundation Started To Conduct Social Activities In The Mumbai Suburbs Aimed At Promoting A Sense Of National Integration And As Our Foundation Grew Over Time, We Moved On To Focusing On Large Scale Issues Which Are In The Public Interest And The Need Of The Hour.

Today, we are proud to announce that our Foundation has over 18000 patrons spread over India working for various causes in fields of Health, Sociology, Child Rehabilitation, Woman Empowerment & Spreading Awareness regarding preservation of the Environment.

We work with Special Children

Bhamla Foundation from its inception has been consistently working with providing benefits and support to children who suffer from disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Spastics and Autism. Not only do we care for these Special Children on a timely basis, but we also work closely with Orphanages to ensure that the lesser privileged can turn into productive youth for India.

Achievers awards to Felicitas Top Contributors

A yearly Achievers Award Function is held by Bhamla Foundation which felicitates top Achievers in the Country. Be it in the field of Education or be it in the field of Business or the Indian Film Industry.Our Foundation aims at Felicitating these Top Achievers in a specially organized ceremony with an aim to increase camaraderie among the business community and help network and grow.

Our Causes

“We The People Make The Nation”

The True Strength Of A Nation Lies In Its Citizens With The Same Motto In Mind, Our Foundation Works Tirelessly To Address Health, Environment & Cleanliness Issues In Our Very Own Aamchi Mumbai, Aiming Towards Healthy Living, As A Sound Mind Lives In A Sound Body And In A Sound Body Lives The Energy To Serve The Nation.

This Gave A Firm Foundation To ‘We Love India’ (A Bhamla Foundation Initiative) Our Sole Mission Is To Provide, Build Capacity, Integrate & Speed Awareness Amongst Individuals Towards A Healthy Living.

To Improve The Environment Our Citizens Live In

Hot To Efficiently Manage E-Waste & General Waste

To Provide Support & Care For Special Children

To Promote Renewable Energy & Contribute Towards #Swachh Bharat.

The Bhamla foundation is a 24 year NGO. We have been working seriously towards environment conservation, non communicable diseases, children with special needs and orphan ages. Lately our foundation has been consistently focusing and dedicated its entire team of volunteers and EcoChamps towards the cause of COVID. We have worked with regards to health, sanitisation, supplying ready made foods to the migrant workers, food kits to the needy and deserving, masks and sanitizers to major slums of the city. We have worked closely in major slums of the city and specially spearheaded a very challenging hotspot of the city Dharavi. We took this challenge in the initial stages of the pandemic and we are fortunate enough to have completed 115 days of non stop service and we are fortunate to have created an impact the results of which are evident. We have worked closely with the UNEP and ministry of env give on ind, min of health govt of ind, min of env govt of Maharashtra and MCGM., We have spearheaded various significant campaigns. We have been fortunate to have been awarded the green crusader award by the government of India( New Delhi )and the best environmental campaign by the UNEP at UN headquarters New York. We were awarded the best health campaign on TB and diabetes from the Govt of Maharashtra.

Say hello to our team

Asif Bhamla


"To begin with, the Bhamla Foundation began with a small cultural outfit by the name I LOVE BANDRA in the year 1998 and it moved on to focusing on issues related to Sociology, Humanity & Environment.We started off working for children with special needs like Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Spastics and we currently also work very closely with Orphanages and Homes for the Aged.
With the changing Climatic Conditions and Global Warming, Pollution at its Peak, my Foundation decided to take the challenge of extensively working towards the Environment . This is the sole universal and global problem which every human faces on a day to day basis.
Our Foundation tied up with Schools and other Social Institutions to create awareness pertinent to the Environment to those who matter.We also do a lot of work on Waste Management in support with local Resident Associations on Rain Water Harvesting, Solar Paneling etc.We are all aware of the huge awareness campaign which we do annually on 5th June at Carter Road .
In years to come,Bhamla Foundation also moved towards the cause of non-communicable diseases wherein we partnered with the MCGM and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and got involved with the production and execution of 2 major campaigns. The first being with Shri Amitabh Bachchan that aired on Television which I am certain you must have witnessed TB Haarega Desh Jeetega and the most recent and largely appreciated campaign called Jaan Bachao against Diabetes & Hypertension which is endorsed by health icon Akshay Kumar."

Meraj Husain


Meraj Husain is a strong Pillar of the foundation and has been working right from the beginning. His effort and hard work has played an important role in the foundation. He is known for his Strong Communication on behalf of the foundation with government entities, and Leading the development of the foundation along with short and long-term strategy creation and implementation, fill the foundation with vision and mission, Evaluating the work of other organisation, Maintaining awareness of the expansion opportunities, development of the foundation and Ensuring that the company maintains a high social responsibility wherever it takes. Assessing risks to the foundation and ensuring they are monitored and minimized, setting strategic goals and making sure they are measurable and describable.

Saher Bhamla


Daughter of Mr. Asif Bhamla. She has been involved in all stages of the organization. She is an enviormental enthusiast with excellent managerial skills.She has been committed to the organization since its inception.Her contribution involves helping in health and environment and women empowerment where helping people is her aim and their need becomes the responsibility of Bhamla Foundation
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